Reverse the Vacuum

Empower Your Fellow Members With This Amazing Leads Group Tool

Leads Group Success Path – article #1

Do you take your fellow leads group members for granted?

Your first inclination might be to say, “of course not – I appreciate every lead they send me.”

That’s not what I’m asking. Let me rephrase. Do you do everything within your power to make it easy for your members to understand your business at their level and from their point of view – or do you attend each meeting and “wing” it?

If you are one of the 80% that wing it – you are experiencing maybe 20% of the success you could experience in that group. But take heart. You are probably a victim of the vacuum effect. And this effect is easily and enjoyably reversible.

Often a leads group will get stuck in the habit of giving commercials that allow us to understand the features of each members’ business, but not much more.

“I am an accountant and I sell accounting services, bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc. to medium to small size businesses.”

This accountant may even elaborate on what that means. “For example, one of my clients is a Dry Cleaning business where I provide quarterly and yearly tax prep, blah, blah, blah.”

Here’s the million dollar question: Do I feel more comfortable passing leads to that accountant after that commercial (or after twenty more just like it)? Do I better know how to pass leads to that accountant after that commercial? No. Now if I am in the leads group with that accountant for months and even years I will start to learn how to help him or her. That’s the beauty of a leads group. By meeting every day you almost can’t help but learn a little about how to help each other – eventually.

I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in “eventually.” I want to know how I can make each moment count. This article is a beginning to get us on the path to leads group excellence. And the first concept that is absolutely necessary to understand is that we can no longer think in terms of what we know about our business. We need to start thinking in terms of what our fellow members know and understand about two aspects of our business: sales and benefits.


What is your sales process? Who do you sell to? What demographic do you sell to? What type of company do you sell to? What are your top five selling points? Which selling point do you emphasize in which customer situation/problem/challenge? What problem do you help to solve? How do you help a customer recognize that they have a problem? What does that problem look like, feel like, taste like? What does the solution look, feel, taste like? Do you have competition? Is there any difference between you and the competition?


How does your customer benefit by doing business with you?

You might think the answer to that question is obvious and it is . . . to you. But you must treat the rest of us like gradeschoolers learning a new language. We don’t know your business and if you want to be successful in a leads group, you absolutely must help all of us to feel COMPLETELY comfortable talking to people about what you do and why you and your company are going to make us look good when we refer you.

One place to start is your level of customer service. What happens if a customer is not happy with your product? What do you do? Why should I feel comfortable sending my valued customer to you? Do you understand what I am risking by sending you a valued client or contact of mine? How does your service compare to the competition? What specifically do you do to make your customers happy as they purchase the product and after they have purchased it?

In everyday usage, a vacuum is a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter. Leads do not get passed in a vacuum. A great leads group is born from a group of members willing to learn and understand their business in a way that others could easily go out and sell the same service. A leads group is like your own personal sales force. Yet like a sales force, if your members are not given the knowledge, tools and reason-why that will enable them to provide you with leads – well, you can guess what will happen.

We have begun a process here. Where does it end? If all goes well it ends with you having all the knowledge necessary to be a master of both networking and leads group tactics, skills and tools. Success is inevitable, given time and dedication to learning.


About Mark Hiatt

Over 10 years ago I began to learn the leads group and relationship networking world and I fell in love with it. Today I create leads groups, put on networking seminars and write books on the power of networking. Business is meant to be fun, uplifting and satisfying. Anything less is unacceptable. Networking is the way, the means and the path.
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7 Responses to Reverse the Vacuum

  1. Thanks Mark!

    Great article!
    It’s so true about it taking months sometimes to build trust.

    Jesse & Betty
    Unique Photography

  2. Mark Hiatt says:

    I love it when BLA members comment on my articles. Thanks for taking a moment Jesse.

  3. Mark,
    Thanks for creating a post that is really making me think about how I generate leads and how I promote myself. As a couples counselor and relationship specialist, people DO have many misconceptions about what I do and it is totally up to me to set them straight and create a clear path to my door.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Mark,
    If every person reading this post would take the time to write down the answers to the questions you posed, their business would grow in ways they can’t presently imagine!

    Those questions you listed are so important to business. Thanks so much for sharing them here. Hopefully, many will heed your advice…. they will surely reap the rewards if they do!!

    To your continued success,

  5. Those are some good questions to think about as we serve our customers.

  6. Paul Reimers says:

    It’s so important to keep in mind the benefits of what we are offering as well as those we know when we offer referrals for them. If we lose touch with the benefits and solving genuine problems, then it can easily become about pushing a product.

    Great post!

  7. Mark:

    This article came at a perfect time for me. I am actually looking at adding a sales rep for my company and this information will make it much easier to bring them onboard and quickly have them making good quality sales.

    I have also just started a leads group here in the Phoenix Valley and now I have an easy way to train each member to ask for the right leads.

    Thank you so much for this valuable information.

    Live with passion and purpose,

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