Meet Bob Burg and Bradley Will

For those of you that don’t know Bob Burg – I highly recommend his book “The Go-Giver”. It is a quick read and a very enjoyable read. And it really had a big effect on me. Being in the networking business, I have been focused on giving and helping others understand how giving can change their lives.

But Bob threw another word at me that I had not been using: “Value”

And suddenly I found myself asking: “Am I really providing my customers, my networking associates, and anyone I come into contact with the value they deserve? Is there more I can do?” The answer came back “Yes.” (But that’s a story for another time.)

I’ve also been following a man by the name of Bradley Will. He has been taking the social media world by storm and has an interesting blog: And Bradley shares a quick video on vimeo about how Bob Burg pulled him onto stage at one of his events – check it out . . .


About Mark Hiatt

Over 10 years ago I began to learn the leads group and relationship networking world and I fell in love with it. Today I create leads groups, put on networking seminars and write books on the power of networking. Business is meant to be fun, uplifting and satisfying. Anything less is unacceptable. Networking is the way, the means and the path.
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3 Responses to Meet Bob Burg and Bradley Will

  1. Bob Burg says:

    Mark, thank you so much for your very kind words about John David Mann’s and my book. Look forward to meeting you at our event in AZ. And, I agree with you about Bradley. I’d say he is a “star on the rise” however, his star has already risen. He’s terrific. Again, thank you, my friend!

  2. Nice post, Mark!
    And Bob is the man! And I wouldn’t know and love Bob like I do if it weren’t for Bradley Will’s Go-Giver Tour a few years ago. I was following my friend, Dave Hageman who was also on the tour with Bradley and had to check out The Go-Giver simply based on their social media posts about their tour, the book, and the idea of adding value to the lives of others.

    That tour changed my life because it introduced me to The Go-Giver, which change my outlook on how business is done and how I approach my own business.

    Thank you Bob, Bradley & Mark!!!


  3. Joyce Welsh says:

    Thanks for posting that! I am so anxious to have the opportunity to attend!

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